Hut Fees 2020 Ski Season
Out of Season

Financial Members Free Free

Guests of Members:

Infants not requiring bunk space Free Free

First adult guest of a member with a 2nd

Toorbunna Share Free Free


First two children (under 18) guests 

of a financial member with a 2nd share Free Free

Other guests of financial members:

Adults $25 p/night $10 p/night

Children (under 18 years old) $12 p/night $5   p/night
Casual Visitors:

Adults & Children $30 p/night $30 p/night

Group Fees:

Adults $18 p/night $18 p/night

Children $18 p/night $18 p/night

1.      Nobody can reside in the lodge unless a financial member is present.

2.      A member with outstanding payments of any kind may be required to pay hut fees at guest rates.

3.      It is the member's responsibility to record the names of all guests (paying or otherwise) and casual visitors in the Guest's Register and to collect the appropriate hut fees.

4.      For a person to qualify for a guest rate, the inviting member must be residing within the Lodge.

5.      A group must have formal permission from a member of the Executive Committee in order to use Toorbunna Lodge. Groups must be at least 10 persons and be midweek.